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Church at 1351 Pony Farm Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540

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in Jacksonville, NC

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  • I have attended this church since I was a child and now am proud to raise my children here with my Spiritual Family. You WILL Never know true love until you experience God's Love. The love and direction taught here have been taken from the Bible. I hope to see you here :)

    Added May 12, 2017 by Everett Smith
  • I have attended and been an active member of this church for almost 40 years. I have always appreciated the way the ministry has taught the scriptures in a way that you can utilize them in your every day life.
    As a mother, I felt that it was very important for home, church, and school to have the same values and principles. It is very important for children to know their boundaries and to feel valued.
    I would recommend this church to anyone wanting peace and stability in their home. I know it has strengthened my life, my marriage, and my family as a whole by teaching us to always put God first in our lives.

    Added May 12, 2017 by Sandra Nobles
  • I first heard of this church in Okinawa, when I'd come in contact with some young men that had received some teaching from here. Their excitement gave me expectations of attending once I would return to the States. It was EVERYTHING they had expressed, and More!!! The Truth of the word ministered, allowing questions to be asked in the service if you didn't understand something you read or may have heard in a message, and a LOVE from the people Greater than I'd ever Felt!!! All this and More I've observed and Felt since 1990 to this this present day!!!

    Added March 23, 2017 by William Shannon
  • I started attending services there as a twenty two year old Navy Corpsman newly married from up North, I had no idea that the word would change my life so much. My faith in God has increased and I truly found a people who care. It's like we're knitted together in love. I absolutely love it.

    Added February 13, 2017 by Monteith Suggs
  • I really love this church, there are a lot of different people from all walks of life there, and you can really tell they are genuine people, and it's not like mainstream churches they really teach the Bible there. me personally I'd recommend it to anyone whose looking for a real family.

    Added January 13, 2017 by Aaron Suggs
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